Balancing Skills and Knowledge with Meaningful Experiences

Winter, 2011

Source: HaYidion, Winter, 2011


Karen Gazith discusses ways that Jewish studies teachers can change the focus of their instruction from knowledge and skill acquisition to deep knowledge and understanding that guides actions and behaviors of their students.


She writes:

"Since assessment drives learning, therefore we should begin with a focus on assessment. If the assessment is authentic, there is a far greater likelihood that the learning will be authentic and meaningful as a result. The most effective way for teachers to begin thinking in terms of authentic assessment is to ask students to show their mastery of what they learned by taking on the role of a “real person” and create a product that a “real person” would create….


One great strategy to use when assessing students is a RAFT. RAFT stands for Role, Audience, Format and Topic. Teachers ask students to take on a Role (travel agent) and develop a product for a particular Audience (grade 6 students); teachers outline the Format (a travel itinerary with explanations of why each site should be visited and what students will see there) and the Topic (plan a two week trip for students visiting Israel, what they should see and the significance of each place)."


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Updated: May. 15, 2012