Studio G-dcast: I'll Be There For You


Source: Studio G-dcast


Six families from Berkeley got together to write a song about three famous siblings in the Torah: Miriam, Aaron and Moses. This is their music video from the words to the watercolors you see in the background to all the little choices about what color everyone's hair would be; a Studio G-dcast production.

"I'll Be There For You" was made through a new program called Studio G-dcast, which teaches Jewish literacy through filmmaking skills. A group selects a text to study, learns the media production process, and together we transform that text into a film, G-dcast style.

G-dcast is running Studio G-dcast in all sorts of places this summer, like Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Studio G-d cast is available to organize media learning programs for families, classrooms, camps and organziations.

Studio G-dcast Participant Outcomes:

1. Create original Torah commentaries in film form
2. Use new media storytelling to start conversations on Jewish topics
3. Learn media literacy in a Jewish context
4. Deepen Jewish identity through a unique method of text study

Obtain information about Studio G-dcast programming at the G-dcast website

Updated: Jun. 20, 2012