Teaching the Legacy #28 – e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators – Jewish Solidarity - The Individual and the Community

Aug. 03, 2012

Source: Yad Vashem


The 28th issue of Teaching the Legacy, e-newsletter for Holocaust Educators has just been released. This e-newsletter focuses on Jewish solidarity during the Holocaust. The fact that any Jewish solidarity remained during the Holocaust – the fact that there were individuals who continued to work for the good of their communities, in a variety of ways – is nothing short of miraculous.


The current newsletter discusses Jewish solidarity during the Holocaust from varying angles. The main article discusses solidarity in the youth movements, and as expressed in institutions such as the soup kitchens that were established in the ghettos. The newsletter includes an interview with Dr. Havi Dreifuss about cohesion and rupture in Jewish society during the Holocaust. The newsletter contains an article about Rabbi Regina Jonas, who worked to care for members of the Jewish community in Germany and in Theresienstadt, and an article on the Bielski Brothers, who demonstrated incredible Jewish solidarity despite, and during, their actions as partisans in the forests of Belarus. It also contains an interview with the Holocaust survivors Yitzhak Livnat and Chaim Raphael, who tell their own story of human solidarity in Auschwitz Birkenau. The newsletter contains a lesson plan on spiritual resistance and on "Compassion Within the Ghetto Walls" – solidarity within the Warsaw Ghetto. There is a book review of The Jewish Women of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, which demonstrates the solidarity of women inmates of a vicious labor camp. The newsletter also includes certain Holocaust artifacts.


As always, the newsletter features new publications and updates on recent and upcoming activities at the International School for Holocaust Studies and across Yad Vashem.

Updated: Aug. 28, 2012