InnovationXChange – Online Jewish Supplementary Education Innovation Exchange


Source: InnovationXChange 


The Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA) recently unveiled a new online resource for accessing information about and discussing new program models and resources for supplementary Jewish education, InnovationXChange. JESNA's aim is not just to make available richer information about innovative programs and resources, including links to web sites and videos of the programs in action when possible. They also want to take the “exchange” element seriously to encourage and enable program developers, users, and beneficiaries to share their experiences and reflections on them.


InnovationXChange is housed on a blog platform and a wide range of stakeholders in complementary education were invited to contribute both their programs and their thoughts.


The initial list of programs and resources included is far from complete. Stakeholders in Complementary Jewish Education are requested to submit programs and help identify others that should be included. The tags JESNA has attached to the various entries to ease in searching for specific categories of programs represent their initial judgments. Users are asked to help refine and correct them so it’s easier to find what they’re looking for.


The InnovationXChange staff calls on any users who have experience with one or more of the programs and resources, to tell the community about it. If they have ideas they want to share with a like-minded community, they are asked to submit a blog post. JESNA hopes to make InnovationXChange into a vibrant Jewish education community, sparking valuable conversations and creating sharing and collaboration in the field.

Updated: Mar. 05, 2013