JI Studio - a New Apple – App Judaic Digital Content Creation Tool


Source: Jewish Interactive Studio


JI Studio is a revolutionary Judaic digital content creation tool for Apple mobile devices, created by Jewish Interactive. Groundbreaking features encourage children to let their imaginations run wild, use higher-order thinking skills and create projects with mind-blowing tools combined with full access to the Tanach. Children can illustrate the story of the Purim, make their own Hagaddah for Passover, simply illustrate the 10 plagues, make invitations, collages, posters, comics, stories, multimedia flashcards and more. Teachers can make source sheets, multimedia flashcards and worksheets in seconds. The power of this tool lies in your hands. The possibilities are infinite.


JI Studio visually dazzles with rich collections of Jewish-themed stickers, story backgrounds, Hebrew letters, vowels and words, characters, dress-ups, photographs, coloring pages and songs relating to special themes. With a few taps, you can do in seconds what you could never do before.


The JI Studio is now available at the ITunes App Store.

Updated: May. 07, 2014