Gratz College Announces Master’s Fellowships in Jewish Education and Jewish Communal Service


Source: Gratz College


Gratz College is delighted to announce the creation of fourteen fellowships: seven for the Gratz master’s in Jewish Education and seven for the Gratz master’s in Jewish Communal Service. Gratz is making these degrees more accessible to deserving candidates through a combination of significantly reduced tuition and flexible scheduling. The Gratz College family is thrilled to have the opportunity to establish the Gratz College Midcareer Fellowship. The cohort that will be selected will be comprised of Jewish educators committed to nurturing Jewish identity in their students and nonprofit leaders dedicated to improving the institutions and communities in which they work.


For current and aspiring Jewish organizational administrators, Hillel staffers, youth group directors, day and supplementary school educators and other Jewish professionals, the Gratz master’s programs in Jewish Education and Jewish Communal Service offer the promise of greater job competency, increased marketability and more diversified skills. Despite the practical benefits of the master’s programs, however, insufficient financial resources and overcommitted lives create impediments for many potential students. The Gratz College Midcareer Fellowship reduces these burdens, making school more manageable, especially for working students. With a substantial tuition award, the financial burden of graduate education is greatly reduced for Gratz College Midcareer Fellows.


Flexibility has long been a hallmark of the Gratz approach to education. Fellows have three years to complete their degrees, meaning they can reduce their per-semester course load by attending school part time. As a longtime supporter of distance learning, Gratz College also offers the students the opportunity to take many of their courses online. The master’s in Jewish Education is one of only two such programs in the whole country that can be completed entirely online. The Masters in Jewish Communal Service combines online and on-campus courses, with the latter scheduled at times conducive to working professionals. Finally, while both Masters programs require internships, working students can, in many cases, arrange to complete their internships at their current places of employment.


For more information see the Gratz College website.

Updated: May. 29, 2014