Jewish Education and American Jewish Education, Part 3

May. 11, 2006

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 72, Issue 1 May 2006 , pages 29 – 76


This is the last in a series of articles exploring the history of Jewish Education magazine, later known as the Journal of Jewish Education, with a particular emphasis on its intersection with the history of American Jewish education and, more generally, American Jewish life.


Major themes and issues that preoccupied the magazine's editors and writers are isolated and analyzed as to how their discourse sheds light on their individual aims, values, and philosophical outlooks, as well their collective efforts at educational reform.


Particular attention is paid to how Samson Benderly's disciples sought to reinterpret their mentor's vision in a changing American Jewish environment and why this vision was, at best, only partially realized.


Part 3 covers the period from 1960 on.

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