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Jewish Learning Matters (JLM), sponsored by the Jack and Harriet Rosenfeld Foundation in Jewish Education at the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development was created to support educators, schools, and communities, help educators easily locate and access quality educational resources, provide professional development opportunities, and deepen knowledge and expertise as educators interact with one another. We hope you will let JLM become your “go to" site when searching for ideas, books, songs, videos, lesson plans, information and activities that reinforce the belief that Jewish Learning does matter.

The objectives of are:

  • To enhance Jewish education by providing educators with a wealth of relevant, peer-reviewed, categorized curricular resources.
  • To engage a collaborative community of digital users to share in the task of creating and using innovative materials.
  • To support teacher growth and learning by providing professional development resources, connecting Jewish educators to each other and by facilitating productive collaboration opportunities.
  • To engage and inspire Jewish children in the remarkable legacy of Judaism, its contributions to all aspects of life, and its moral and ethical principles that have shaped the world.
Updated: Sep. 21, 2015