Chanukah Educational Resources


Source: Chanukah Hotsites


Jacob Richman published a rich updated listing chanukah.htm of Chanukah educational and fun sites to help schools, youth groups and families learn about and enjoy the Chanukah Festival, including hundreds of websites, videos, trivia, clipart and more.

Among the links:

  • 125 site links, ranging from laws and customs to games and recipes. Site languages include English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian.
  • Over 500 Cool Chanukah video links
  • Hebrew Study Sheets and Sounds
  • Coloring Pages
  • Chanukah Recipes, Maps and Stamps
  • The Jewish Trivia Quiz
  • Free Chanukah Clipart

Also visit the Creative Jewish Mom's Chanuka Handicrafts page for great DIY projects for Chanukah.

Updated: Nov. 18, 2015