Herzog College's 'Google for Tanakh' Website Wins WEBI 2015 Award for Online Learning

Mar. 05, 2016

Atara Snowbell is a professional translator, Yoetzet Halakhah, and director of content and development at , the Herzog College Tanakh.

Hatanakh.com, Herzog College's "Google for Tanakh", an innovative and comprehensive Tanakh website, was recently awarded the prestigious WEBI award for 2015 in the category of Online Learning. The Tanakh website was chosen by a team of experts in the field of internet and ICT for technological breakthrough and pedagogical innovation. The contest judges wrote: "Herzog's hatanakh.com is a unique site, which provides comprehensive and experiential learning and a vast database of information in the forefront of technological development. The site includes innovative tools, developed to enhance the learning experience. This is an original and fresh way to expose one of the most important treasures of the Jewish people."

Following four years of intensive development, The Herzog College is proud to present a site that revolutionizes the study of Tanakh in Israel and abroad, for teachers, students and Tanakh enthusiasts.

What does the site include?

  • The Homepage is a portal to all features including the Tanakh text, relevant material on Parashat HaShavua and Jewish calendar events.
  • The Tanakh text page combines access to Targum and classic commentaries with innovative modern technological tools including:
  • Topic lines that divide the Tanakh text into sections and sub-sections that make navigating and understanding the story easier and more accessible
  • Maps – The Tanakh has been divided into six major eras and the locations on the map color-coded to reflect the relevant biblical era. Each location includes a brief description along with the Tanakh texts and personalities that relate to it. Options to see terrain maps and satellite images facilitate a better understanding of the relationship between past and present.
  • Articles and Audio/Video Shiurim – The site includes thousands of articles and audio/video shiurim in Hebrew and in English. All of this content is summarized and cataloged by key words to facilitate quick access to relevant material and exposure to the wealth of material on a given topic.
  • My Space - Manage your learning and prepare your classes in your personal workspace, where you can save, edit, and share information after logging in to the site.
  • Many upcoming features including interactive GPS biblical maps, overviews of biblical personalities and topics, online courses and MOOCs, and interactive learning.

Herzog College invites you to experience HaTanakh.com and provide your comments and feedback to help improve the site's content and user experience.

Updated: Mar. 30, 2016