The Jews of Struggle - The Jewish National Movement in the USSR 1967-1989


Source: The Jews of Struggle

Beit Hatefutsoth, to mark the fortieth anniversary of beginning of the struggle, is currently hosting a comprehensive exhibition telling the heroic story of the Jews of the Soviet Union, and the way in which the Jewish people, throughout the free world, united to campaign for their right to immigrate to Israel, for the freedom to study their own language, culture, and heritage, and for freedom of religious expression. In conjunction with The Center for Education Technology (CET) and The Israel Ministry of Education, Beit Hatefutsoth has built a website in Hebrew, English and Russian with many of the materials from the exhibition.

The website contains articles summarizing the history of the Jews in the USSR and their struggle for freedom from the Bolshevik Revolution until the 1990's.

In addition to these articles, the website contains a timeline of events, a lexicon of relevant terms, a library of documentary audio-visual materials and an annotated bibliography.

The website also contains a collection of detailed educational activities based on the materials on the website to help educators utilize the website as a learning resource for guided instruction.

Visitors to the website can view first-hand personal stories about the struggle and upload their own stories for sharing with other visitors.

Updated: Jun. 15, 2008