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jGirls Magazine is an online community and magazine written by and for self-identifying Jewish girls ages 13-19 across all affiliations. jGirls contributors and users explore their concerns and cultivate their abilities to express themselves publicly and articulately through the various media they contribute to the site, including journalism, fiction, poetry, humor, music, photography, videos/ vlogs and artwork, as well as through discussion around this content. In this way, jGirls users strengthen their leadership skills, self-esteem, sense of identity and engagement and status in the Jewish community. In providing this forum for expression and exploration, jGirls contributes to long-term systemic social change in the Jewish community by building a pipeline to a future cohort of bold, committed Jewish female leaders. We actively encourage participants who are diverse in their Jewish identification, sexual orientation, gender expression, race, ethnicity and abilities.

jGirls is an online community and magazine written by and for Jewish teenage girls. Following the model of successful organizations that target and incorporate the voices of girls and with an eye toward long-term social change, jGirls’ Editorial Board is comprised of twelve teen girls. Editorial Board members receive rigorous training from a youth journalism educator and other specialists, including an LGBTQ+ inclusion specialist, a social media expert, and others who impart inclusive leadership and communication skills necessary to publicly participate in and contribute to Jewish communal and professional life. Additionally, jGirls robustly engages and connects girls at an age when they are choosing their priorities in a community of their own design, jGirls creates new access points to Jewish life for teenagers otherwise potentially poised to drop out of communal life. A community that supports and takes girls seriously is a community in which girls will want to stay. Thus, jGirls serves a pipeline to a future cohort of committed, engaged female Jewish leaders into their 20’s, 30’s and beyond.

Updated: Jun. 25, 2017