The Online Academy for Jewish Studies at The MOFET Institute

Sep. 27, 2008

Source: The Online Academy for Jewish Studies


The Online Academy for Jewish Studies at The MOFET Institute is a set of online courses whose main objective is to prepare teachers, educators and leaders in Jewish communities in the Diaspora for their mission. The Online Academy offers courses on topics that are suitable for educators and leaders in the Jewish world as well as students in universities and colleges in the fields of the didactics and pedagogy of teaching Jewish subjects in the Diaspora. The courses, which deal with topics that are central to the Jewish world and life, are held in two major tracks: Jewish Identity and Jewish Subject Matters. The domains of Jewish sources and Jewish values are emphasized, and democratic values and knowledge of the State of Israel are presented as an integral part of the program.


The courses are all developed and supervised by expert teacher educators from Israel's colleges of education and other academic institutions in Israel and around the world.
The programs are all approved and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Education.


Accreditation system of the courses  

  • Certificate of approval of studies in a course: Each course may be studied separately. Each course grants the learner one credit point and entitles him to a confirmation of studies at the end of the course.
  • Expert's Certificate in a field of study: It is possible to take a set of courses from one field of study. The set will grant the learner an Expert's Certificate in that field. In each field, the number of courses required in order to receive a certificate will be indicated.


The activity in the course setting:

Learning takes place synchronously and asynchronously by means of advanced technologies. Online forums are available for the exchange of opinions and for consultations between teachers and experts and among teachers regarding anything connected with the didactics of teaching the materials as well as questions that arise from the field.


Courses in the Fall Semester:

Teaching about the Holocaust through Narrative


Studies toward a Certificate in Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language


Calendar of JTEC Online Events 2008-2009

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