Introduction to Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity – a New MOOC Course

March, 2019

Source: Campus Israel 

This course will be different from any you have taken until now, both pedagogically and technologically! The assignments and activities on the course take place in a unique virtual world. Until now the emphasis in courses on multiculturalism has been to introduce the student to the other by means of films, stories and articles. But it hasn't been possible to get to know the other personally, and even to step into his/her shoes. On this course, in order to get to know the other and be exposed to different cultures, we will approach multiculturalism from a number of angles; we will enter a virtual space where we will meet people and get to know something of their worlds.

We will do this using various simulations and analyses of stories from real life. During the course you will work cooperatively with six other students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Each group will receive a virtual island and will gain knowledge together. You will take on tasks that include simulations and role play.

Every study unit will broaden perspectives on the topics using the academic literature, and we will discuss the implications for education and classroom practice. During the units you will be asked to reflect and share with your groups your experiences. What you will learn.

You will deal with personal and group identity and the connection between our identities and the surrounding society. You will examine whether multiculturalism is an existing fact, or a value in society, and you will learn about the many benefits of it. You will discuss, in depth, dilemmas of multiculturalism in the global world, and get to know different perspectives on those issues. You will study empathy and how one can foster empathy between groups. You will consider multiculturalism in classrooms, the tendency to divide into categories in general and among students in particular, and ways to deal with it. You will discuss perspectives on language, the mother tongue and the connection between language and culture.

Finally, you will examine how the issues we have looked at are expressed in Israeli society.

Course beginning: Mar 3, 2019
Duration: 14 weeks
Price: Free

Updated: Mar. 06, 2019