Chanukah in your Classroom with Sefaria

December, 2019

Source: Sefaria

Chanukah celebrates the miracle of the oil that burned in the Temple for eight nights. The oppression of the Syrian Greeks included a ban on Torah study and the flames that burned in the wake of the Maccabees' victory signified a return to the open study of Torah. 

As you celebrate and spread the light of Torah, we hope you find these resources from Sefaria helpful: 

  • Build Something New: This Chanukah adaptation of a lesson from the Sefaria Student Course gives students the opportunity to explore the themes of the holiday while learning to build a sheet on Sefaria.
  • Publicizing the Miracle: How do we ensure the Chanukah candles are seen by others? How many people have to see the candles in order to satisfy the requirement of making the celebration public? Explore these questions with Light Up the Night, a Chanukah conversation starter.
  • Going Up? A Chanukah Lesson: In this middle school lesson students consider possible methods of lighting the chanukiya, analyze the approaches of Hillel and Shammai, and write directions for lighting and displaying the chanukiya.
  • Celebrate Israel & Research the State's Symbol: What is the connection between the emblem of the State of Israel and Chanukah? Students find out in this exemplary lesson plan created by Tzvi Sinensky.
Updated: Dec. 18, 2019