Children in the Ghetto


Source: Children in the Ghetto


Written for children in Hebrew, English and German, this site portrays life during the Holocaust from the viewpoint of children who lived in the ghetto. At the center of this site is an imaginary representation of a street in the ghetto. The site invites children to “move around the street” and “enter” various locations in it. In each of the locations, original exhibits such as video testimonies, photographs, paintings, artifacts etc. are accompanied by interactive and thought-provoking activities.


The site contains pedagogic material for use by teachers such as articles on representing the ghetto and pedagogic challenges in Holocaust teaching as well as a detailed list of references for all of the learning materials included in the site.


The site deals with the following aspects of the life in the ghetto:


  • Marking the Jews
  • Closure and Isolation
  • The Crowded Ghetto
  • Hunger in the Ghetto
  • Children Smugglers
  • Children at Work
  • Grownup Children
  • Schools in the Ghetto
  • Children’s Newspapers
  • Wings of Imagination
  • Children’s Games
  • Theater in the Ghetto
  • Bar/Bat-Mitzvah in the Ghetto
  • Hanukkah in the Ghetto
Updated: Dec. 03, 2008