Jewish Interactive Is Sharing Online Resources for Children Affected by Potential School Closures

March 2020

Source: Jewish Interactive 


In response to requests from administrators and principals, Jewish Interactive is sharing online resources for children affected by potential school closures and cancellation of other Jewish educational programs.

We have provided a list of courses bundled into specific curricular content areas.

These courses and their activities are designed for elementary school-aged students and have been categorized according to age and subject area. All of the content is available at no cost, however you will need to register to access. The digital learning activities can be embedded into your own website or provided as a distinct link as needed on your own school portal or communications system. You can use this webpage to share with parents and staff so they have easy access to content at home.

We are aware that every school has its own educational, cultural and religious ethos. Ji has a vast array of content available and our team is ready to support you in recommending courses and content from our platform that specifically fits your school’s needs.

Updated: Mar. 09, 2020