Shavuot Learning on Sefaria

May 2020

Source: Sefaria 


It’s no secret that Shavuot is Sefaria’s favorite holiday. While the ways we encounter Torah may be different this year, our passion for learning remains. Sefaria’s Learning Department has been gathering resources to help you prepare for Shavuot with your students and community.

Here are some ideas to explore:

All-Star Torah
Sefaria gathered an all-star lineup of Torah that anyone can experience for all-night learning at home. Crafted by master educators and top Sefaria sheet producers, the sheets in our Shavuot on Sefaria group take you on a guided tour through Torah. This group will continue to grow, so keep checking back for more materials!

What’s the Story?
We could all use a good story to spark our imaginations – and Shavuot is a holiday with options. Check out “Telling the Story of Sinai”' which presents different perspectives on what it means to receive Torah. Or, use our new topic page on Ruth to find some texts and sheets that express some of the book’s key themes.

Pass the Cheesecake!
The widespread custom of eating dairy on Shavuot is a fun and delicious theme to explore. Take a deep dive into the background for this practice with “On Cheesecake and Torah”, or get the full story by typing “cheesecake” in Sefaria’s search bar to pull up all our texts and sheets on the topic.

Happy Learning!


Updated: May. 18, 2020