Teach Wherever You Are with Sefaria

August, 2020

Source: Sefaria


Back to school is in the air, and Sefaria is ready with new resources for you and your learners to transition to a new school year. Students and educators alike shared stories of amazing growth and experimentation as they used Sefaria to adapt and innovate—despite the challenging end to this past school year.

Whether you will be teaching online or in person, Sefaria's Learning Team is eager to help you!

Make sure you and your colleagues have the tools you need to succeed—whatever the year throws at you:

  • Register for Sefaria's online Educator Course, completely asynchronous opportunity to hone your pedagogy skills on Sefaria. 
  • Looking for a professional development opportunity tailored to your team's needs? Consider Sefaria's menu of workshop offerings for educators. Contact us to schedule a free webinar designed to support you and your colleagues as you prepare for the year ahead. Availability is limited!

Each new year brings with it the opportunity to develop skills and innovate. I look forward to hearing from you and supporting your community's Torah study in the year ahead.

Updated: Aug. 18, 2020