Tikvah Online Academy

September, 2020

Source:  Tikvah Fund


Tikvah Online Academy offers the highest-level online seminars for middle school, high school, and gap-year students interested in big ideas. Tikvah seminars meet one session per week for five consecutive weeks of live discussion and debate with master teachers and exceptional fellow students.

Our rich menu of classes explore Jewish ideas and Western civilization, the history of Zionism and heroes of Israel, the future of American democracy, the fight against anti-Semitism, and the principles of a free society.

Tikvah Online Academy teachers are leading professors, policy experts, rabbis, and writers eager to teach intellectually curious students who want to join Tikvah’s community of learners.

The Fall 2020 application deadline for 7th to 12th graders is September 14, 2020. Tuition is $100 per course. The deadline for Israel gap-year students is September 24, 2020, and gap-year courses are free of charge. All courses begin in mid-October.

Tikvah Online Academy celebrates what is best in the past and present in furtherance of our fondest and most ambitious dreams for the future. In small, seminar-style Zoom classrooms, we share books and ideas that underpin and perpetuate the civilizations we cherish, Jewish and Western. In doing so, we aim to bring about the future we dream of, not only for our extraordinarily talented students, but also for the Jewish people, America, and the world.

Updated: Aug. 30, 2020