Adain Lo - Jewish Family Center


Source: Adain Lo


Adain Lo supports a network of Jewish nursery schools and kindergartens in Russia, as an effective means of attracting young families to the Jewish community. Adain Lo is currently working with schools and kindergartens in seven districts of St.Petersburg. Over 18 years, Adain Lo’s experience shows that families whose children attended Jewish nursery schools and kindergartens usually stay in the community, becoming its active members and donors.


The educational curriculum is specially designed for high quality education and to develop the children`s personality through creative work. All the children have eight hours a week of Jewish education - classes in Hebrew, Jewish music, Jewish visual art, and tradition.


The curricula for Jewish education, developed by teachers of Adain Lo, are successfully applied in all Jewish nursery schools and kindergartens of the CIS. Each nursery school and kindergarten functions as a mini JCC, holding family educational programs and celebrating Jewish holidays. The nursery schools and kindergartens have Jewish family retreats and also run a unique program of integrating children with special needs.

Updated: Jan. 04, 2009