The Big Portal for Teaching, Learning and Assessment Materials


Source: Israel Ministry of Education


The Big Portal of the Israel Ministry of Education is just that – a wide gateway containing a wide range of links to teaching, learning and assessment materials developed by the Ministry as well as by other institutions and individual teachers over the years. The listings contain curricula, lesson plans, teaching materials, learning activities, databases, assessment instruments, articles, presentations, tests, worksheets and more. The materials in the portal are from all areas of formal education, subjects and grade levels and are easily retrievable by specifying  any of these characteristics.


The portal allows educators in the Israeli education system to sign up to the portal, creating a profile which will allow them to easily access materials in their fields of interest, upload materials they have created and rate materials on the portal. The teacher ratings for each listing are prominently displayed for the benefit of all users.


The portal offers an advanced classification and retrieval mechanism allowing users to search by keyword, type of material, age level, publication date, source of material and more, thus making it easy to locate the desired materials.


The materials in the portal are from all across the school curriculum including Jewish Studies, science, math, humanities, social studies, etc. Most of the materials are in Ivrit (Hebrew language).

Updated: Jan. 22, 2009