Why Be Social? – Podcasts on Social Media for Jewish Librarians


Source: The Book of Life


At the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) 2009 convention in Chicago this summer, podcaster Mark Blevis led a session on Social Media that opened the floodgates of people's curiosity. Convention attendees wanted to learn more about social media: what it is, what it means to participate, and how to get started. As a continuation of that conversation, The Book of Life is offering a 4 part series of podcast episodes called "Why Be Social?"

Each post includes the podcast audio as well as many useful links, and in some cases, related videos. After posting each of the four episodes separately, a flash player with the audio of all four parts in it, called "Why Be Social? The Whole Megillah", was posted for listeners' convenience. Listeners are strongly encouraged to post comments on the site with reactions to these episodes, questions and additional suggestions for additional podcasts!

The Book of Life podcast series about Jewish books, music, film and web is produced by Heidi Estrin of The Feldman Children's Library at Congregation B'nai Israel, Boca Raton, FL.

Updated: Sep. 01, 2009