Experience Has Ways of Boiling Over: Pursuing a Pragmatic Pedagogy of Bible

Jul. 27, 2009

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 75, Issue 3 , pages 310 – 324 


This article builds on Greenstein's (JJE 75:3) advocacy of a “pragmatic pedagogy of Bible” by pursuing four issues.


First, do we select among methodological approaches to Bible according to our desired interpretive outcome but not according to any internal criteria? Is it merely a matter of “choice”?


Second, in what sense are interpretive approaches usefully compared to equipment like x-rays or ultrasounds?


Third, what does it mean for a methodology to generate a solution that “works”? Works for whom and for what?


Fourth, what are the questions that educators ought to consider, in constructing a “pragmatic pedagogy”?

Updated: Oct. 19, 2009