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If you are interested in Hebrew Education in a congregational school setting, you are invited to join "The Hebrew Project," a national conversation to try and better define the goals and focus of Hebrew education in congregational settings. In order to help better clarify goals of Hebrew language teaching, three Hebrew language educators have established a wikispace and are inviting anyone involved in congregational education to join in the conversation.


Across North America, Jewish educators are struggling with issues related to Hebrew education in supplementary schools.


Questions abound:

  • What should be the goal of teaching Hebrew in a congregational school?
  • Which aspects of Hebrew (e.g., prayer, textual, conversational, or value-based isolated vocabulary) should be the focus?
  • What are the most "efficient" ways of teaching decoding?
  • Should Hebrew be a separate subject, or integrated with other Judaic content?
  • What works? What could work?

This wiki is open to anyone who wishes to join and post, whether a director of a congregational school, a college professor, a parent, a student, or a Hebrew teacher. We want you to read the postings, think about the issues, and add your own thoughts! Help build some new ways of thinking about Hebrew education. Explore all that your colleagues have shared ... and share, as well.


Social media works at its best when a rich conversation is nurtured by its community. All shareholders in this issue are invited to utilize this new medium to improve Hebrew language education in congregational schools across the country.

Updated: Feb. 08, 2010