Judaica Europeana


Source: Judaica Europeana 


Judaica Europeana is one of a series of initiatives supported by the European Commission to establish EUROPEANA, the European digital library. Judaica Europeana will identify and digitize Jewish content for Europeana with a projected contribution of several million pages and thousands of other items. Judaica Europeana will work with European cultural institutions to identify content documenting the Jewish contribution to the cities of Europe. It will digitise 10,500 photos, 1,500 postcards and 7,150 recordings as well as several million pages from books, newspapers, archives and press clippings.


Judaica Europeana will begin by digitizing millions of pages and thousands of other items selected from the collections of its partner libraries, archives and museums. The next stage will be to aggregate other digital collections on Jews in European cities — wherever they may be.


Judaica Europeana will reach out to diverse audiences across Europe and beyond. The target audiences for Judaica Europeana are university teachers and students, schools, cultural heritage professionals, cultural tourists and the general public – indeed anyone interested in the history of European cities or Jewish culture.


Judaica Europeana will reach out to universities with presentations and workshops to stimulate the use of the Judaica Europeana archive. The partner institutions will involve school teachers and students and encourage them to develop projects and lessons. They will also curate virtual exhibitions showcasing Judaica material.

Updated: Feb. 21, 2010