Jewish Innovation Foundation Awards $50,000 for “Jewcology” Project

May 5, 2010
Canfei Nesharim is pleased to announce that its Executive Director, Evonne Marzouk, is the leader of a team which has been selected by the ROI Innovation Fund for a $50,000 grant which will enable the creation of an expansive new set of tools to empower the entire Jewish environmental community.  Canfei Nesharim is the fiscal sponsor and implementing organization for this project. will be an open source database where Jewish environmentalists can network, share resources and learn from one another. The portal will be seeded with a rich library of Jewish-environmental resources, including curriculum, Torah teachings, program ideas, podcasts, videos, and other tools for Jewish environmental education and training.  The portal will also provide opportunities for group-forming and private spaces where smaller Jewish-environmental teams can interact.  Individuals can use to create and follow Jewish-environmental blogs, search for experts, and find program resources for their communities.

This project is a collaboration, led by Marzouk, of 17 young Jewish activists, all graduates of the ROI Summit.  ROI is a global community of young Jewish innovators, created by Lynn Schusterman.  The annual ROI Summit gathers 120 young Jewish innovators from all over the world in Israel.  Many of the 17 ROIers offered volunteer or below-market rate services to make this project a possibility.

Updated: May. 23, 2010