Hebrew @ Stanford Online Multimedia Resources

The goal of the Hebrew@Stanford multimedia pages is to share with the community of instructors and students of Hebrew the material which was developed at Stanford as well as to host content developed by other partners. These pages were designed not as an online course but as tools to enrich and support other courses and programs.
With the rapid development of online Course Management Tools and with the growing number of people who are searching for Hebrew material on the web, the Hebrew@Stanford staff recognized a void in free and open to the public Hebrew language learning material. These pages were designed to enable instructors to easily incorporate the material into their online courses and to provide learners with tools for expanding their exposure to the Hebrew language and culture beyond the classroom. The pages are still a work in progress.
The multimedia pages contain a large collection of multimedia clips on different levels of Hebrew discussion, dealing with many aspects of everyday life and culture. Some of the clips were designed for use with a workbook, while others are "stand alone". The speakers in the clips are "native" Hebrew speakers, providing excellent modeling of Hebrew speech.
The pages also provide multimedia tools for learning to write and read Hebrew.
Updated: Aug. 22, 2010