Curricula for Community Hebrew High Schools

The IJE is happy to offer eight curricula developed for use in Community Hebrew High Schools.  The curricula are the product of a two-year development process by two groups of IJE’s curriculum development grantees, a project generously supported by the Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd.
The Institute for Informal Jewish Education at Brandeis University has been working with Community Hebrew High Schools to develop and make widely available a number of high-quality curricula in several commonly-taught areas in supplemental community Hebrew high schools. The IJE grants are supporting the creation and dissemination of these excellent curricula to a wider audience of educators by providing resources and technical assistance to educators.  The products of the initiative are the beginning of a resource bank of outstanding curricula.
The Institute will distribute a complete copy of the curriculum to any school that is interested free of charge, with the requirement that the school provide feedback about the curriculum as it is used.  In this way, the IJE will be able to gather data that will inform both future revisions of the curricula and their understanding of how best this type of curriculum can be developed and used. 
The titles of the available curricula are: 
  • Abraham's Journey
  • Bresheet: Acting out the Bible
  • Drama of Tanach
  • Godwrestling
  • Jewish Bioethics
  • Loom of Israel
  • Soul Food: Jewish Life from a Gastronomic Perspective
  • Who Wrote the Bible
Please note: The curricula are available free of charge to any school that is a member of NAACHHS (North American Alliance for Community Hebrew High Schools), and are available for $50 per curriculum for any non-member school.
Updated: Oct. 05, 2010