Animated Talmud: Introduction to the Talmud

Source: Animated Talmud 
Animated Talmud is a new online free computer program that teaches Talmud through animation sequences and interactive media making the learning process enjoyable, easy and clear. Introduction to the Talmud provides an overview of the Oral Tradition of the Torah, its development and codification. The student encounters Torah personalities & formative events of the Talmudic tradition, while acquiring the basic knowledge required for beginning Talmud study.
The full program, when complete, will include a total of 15 lessons. Each lesson has 5-10 minutes of scroll animation. Most of the lessons are already available online. After each scroll an additional 10 minute talkig caricature will be added that explains and reviews what has just been taught.

The Animated Talmud project plans to progress to presenting the Tractates of the Talmud in interactive multimedia format.
Updated: Oct. 17, 2010