JOFA Journal on Bat Mitzvah

Fall, 2010

Source: JOFA Journal 


Today, Bat Mitzvah is celebrated in some way in most parts of the Orthodox Jewish world. But how should a girl’s religious coming of age be marked? How should communities and families create meaningful Bat Mitzvah celebrations? Is the lack of a single model a liability or an advantage? Over 20 articles feature a variety of historical, halakhic, sociological, psychological and experiential perspectives on the topic in the Fall, 2010 issue of the JOFA Journal.

Among the articles in the issue:

Bat Mitzvah: Creating a Communal Space by Giti Bendheim and Barbara Gochberg

Bat Mitzvah: Historical and Halakhic Aspects, by Dr. Norma Baumel Joseph

My Zeyde’s Gift, by Tammy Jacobowitz

Preparing for a Bat Mitzvah: A Celebration of a Lifetime by Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels

Blessed with Options: The Special Bat Mitzvah, by Howard Blas

Reflections on Bat Mitzvah as an Educational Endeavor, by Esther Krauss

New Models for Bat Mitzvah Celebrations in the Synagogue and in the Community by Sheryl Robbin and Rabbi Daniel Landes

HaTov Ve HaMeitiv: Good for Oneself and For Others, by Daniel Rothner

Celebrating the Opportunities, Lamenting the Limits, by Amy Newman

Leyning Megillat Esther: The Ultimate Bat Mitzvah Gift, by Alyza D. Lewin

Post Bat Mitzvah: A Family Looks Back by Shalhevet Schwartz, Bat Sheva Marcus and Yishai Schwartz

Toward a Meaningful Bat Mitzvah: A Father Reflects, by Aryeh Rubin

Parents and Schools: Partnering to Create Meaningful Semahot by Rabbi Jeffrey Kobrin

Joining the Chain of Jewish Women: The Matan Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program, by Rebecca Linzer

Orthodox/Feminist: No Longer an Oxymoron by Suzanne Friedman Hochstein

From Generation to Generation: A Special Bonding, by Rae Drazin

Makom: Finding a Place for Our Growing Girls, by Aliza Sperling

Becoming a Serious Jew, by Sari Abrams

Mothers & Daughters Learning Together: Drisha’s Bat Mitzvah Program by Elissa Shay Ordan

Twelve Suggestions for Making Your Bat Mitzvah Meaningful

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