Six-Part Unit on Social Learning and the Internet

January, 2011
Source: BabagaNewz
BabagaNewz recently made available this engaging six part lesson plan written by Robyn Faintich to help Jewish school teachers help their students to learn about tzedakah, gmilut chesed, and Jewish giving experientially, using the internet as a resource and a platform for doing. Based on the principals of Service Learning, the unit aims to achieve the following goals: students will learn about the concept of social justice, the Jewish values it expresses, and how to use the internet to implement social justice work.
The lessons aim to achieve the following objectives:
Students will be able to explain why social justice is a Jewish concept.
Students will learn how to use the internet, under adult supervision, to engage in social justice work.
Students will learn techniques to engage others in social justice using online tools.
This lesson is sub-divided into these categories with appropriate websites indicated.
Part 1: Social Justice
Part 2: Service
Part 3: Philanthropy and Fundraising
Part 4: Advocacy
Part 5: Community Organizing
Part 6: Education

Ideally, this lesson would be divided over six class sessions or be implemented as a special program in an extended session.

Updated: Feb. 13, 2011