The David Project Israel Curricula


Source: The David Project


The David Project offers schools curricula for educating middle school and high school students about Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Each curriculum includes fully-scripted lesson plans and supporting multimedia files. The curricula are not stand-alone products; they come with intensive training, a plethora of additional materials and sustained support from an expert team of educators and researchers. This empowers schools and educators to implement Israel education in their own teaching environments

Curricular items currently offered by the David Project include:

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Educating Ourselves, Educating Others

This pioneering 14-lesson curriculum, supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation, provides an analytical framework, historical facts, communication skills and key values which enable high school students (grades 11-12) to grasp some of the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The curriculum promotes critical thinking, inquiry and discussion, as well as Israel activism. Educators who adopt this curriculum have the opportunity to join a national network of educators teaching it in more than 100 schools.

The Forgotten Refugees

The Forgotten Refugees Curriculum is a three-lesson, user-friendly and dynamic educational program for ages 13-18 that highlights the history and culture of the Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry The interactive curriculum is suitable for a variety of educational settings including Jewish middle schools and high schools; synagogues (parallel education and bar/bat mizvah projects), Hebrew schools and youth groups. At the center of the curriculum is The David Project & Israel TV award-winning documentary film, The Forgotten Refugees, that explores the history, culture, and forced exodus of Middle Eastern and North African Jewish communities in the second half of the 20th century.

Israel in Jewish Identity

This seven-unit curriculum educates middle school and high school students about the connection of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel throughout history and the centrality of Israel to the Jewish People as reflected in Jewish culture, religion, and identity. The curriculum aims to underscore the fact that this connection forms an essential foundation and cornerstone of our very identity as Jews.
Israel in Jewish Identity includes multimedia content and provides ample opportunities for classroom discussions and activities

The curriculum can serve as a basis of a semester course on Israel, an Israel mini-course, a section of a larger course, or a preparatory course for an Israel trip.

Updated: Feb. 13, 2011