– Online Hebrew School

The Afikim Foundation has launched, the first live, interactive online Hebrew School. Utilizing cutting-edge web-conferencing technology and a kid-friendly interface, this groundbreaking program allows students, ages 8-11, to interact via video, audio or text chat to create a fully functional virtual classroom from their own home. An introductory semester of 10 one-hour classes on consecutive Sunday mornings began on January 9, 2011 and is continuing through March 13th.
The host of is Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin, experienced educator, author, lecturer and gifted musician, who interacts with students live via text, audio and/or video chat while incorporating videos, music, guest teachers, animation, polls, quizzes, games and prizes into each class.
The curriculum for the introductory term focuses on Jewish literacy, selected mitzvot and Hebrew reading, incorporating National Jewish Outreach Program's Twebrew School. Each session is archived for students to review and refer to for homework. Family involvement is encouraged and homework materials will include family discussions, stories and activities. Graduates will be automatically entitled to enroll in Afikim's online Bnei Mitzvah Program that will launch in Fall 2011.
Updated: Feb. 13, 2011