The Yeshiva University Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education


Source: Yeshiva University Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education 


The Yeshiva University Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education is seeking passionate, creative and motivated graduates who want to impact the Jewish community by establishing or furthering their career in the field of Experiential Jewish Education. The program runs for one year during academic breaks, beginning in June 2011. Four cutting edge seminars – coupled with mentorship, networking, and career placement opportunities – will prepare the cohort to transform the landscape of experiential Jewish education and Jewish identity in frameworks ranging from camps to campuses and classrooms to communities.

The Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education is designed to teach lay, practicing and emerging Jewish educators the foundations and practical applications of Experiential Jewish Education.

Program Structure

Certification in Experiential Jewish Education requires program participants to fulfill the following elements:

  1. Seminars

    Participants will attend four seminars that take place during academic breaks throughout the course of one year. Each seminar focuses on one of the four foundations of Experiential Jewish Education:

    • Imparting Values

    • Creating Experiences

    • Cultivating Communities

    • Self-Development


    Seminars are held in various locations, including retreat centers, campsites, and the Yeshiva University campus.


    Each seminar is conducted as a cohort experience that includes formal and experiential learning components, outdoor exercises, peer-to-peer learning, Beit Midrash sessions, and group reflection.

  2. Online learning

    Participants will be required to attend four online learning courses throughout the year. Six courses are offered in total; two requirements and two electives.
    Program participants should expect to allot six hours per month to meet the online learning requirements.

  3. Final Focal Project (FFP)

    Participants are required to complete a Final Focal Project (FFP). The FFP will be determined based upon guidelines set forth at the beginning of the year, and in accordance with the participant’s selected specialty.

    The FFP will be developed under the guidance of an experienced and established professional working in a field most relevant to the nature of the participant’s FFP.

    Program Dates:

    May 31, 2011 – Orientation

    June 1-6, 2011 - Seminar 1: Imparting Values

    January 8-16, 2012 - Seminar 2: Creating Experiences

    June 3-8, 2012 - Seminar 3: Cultivating Communities

    June 8-14, 2012 - Seminar 4: Self-Development

    June 15, 2012 - Graduation

Updated: Mar. 22, 2011