Where Do You Give? National Design Competition: Student Track


Source: Where Do You Give?


Babaganewz is working in collaboration with American Jewish World Service to bring you an exciting educational initiative called “Where Do You Give? Reimagining Tzedakah for the 21st Century” .Through online interactive media, educational resources, and the design competition explained below, Where Do You Give? will engage your students in critical questions about where we give tzedakah, to whom we give, and why.


The "Where Do You Give? National Design Competition" challenges artists, designers, and conceptual thinkers to redesign the tzedakah box for the 21st century, and also features a Student Track for students ages 18 and younger.


Middle school and high school students are invited to participate in the "Where Do You Give? National Design Competition: Student Track", which will be held from January 10, 2012 to March 1, 2012. The competition challenges students to design a tzedakah box that will inspire users to think deeply about where they give, to whom and why. Submissions must be two-dimensional—either drawings or photographs of three-dimensional creations—and must be accompanied by an artist’s statement that explains the design and the Jewish values that it reflects. A panel of judges from AJWS and Babaganewz will select three student winners.

Updated: Dec. 07, 2011