Registration Open for Second Cohort of Yeshiva University Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education


Source: Yeshiva University Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education 


The Yeshiva University Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education is now accepting applications for its second cohort. The Certificate Program trains outstanding Jewish educators to reimagine and professionalize the scope and impact that experiential Jewish education has on the Jewish community.


The Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education is an immersive training program for outstanding Jewish educators dedicated to strengthening, professionalizing and transforming the field of Experiential Jewish Education and its’ impact on Jewish life, community and education. Participants attend four week-long seminars throughout the course of one year. Seminars are held in January and June, and usually correspond with school and university breaks.


Each seminar focuses on one of the four foundations of Experiential Jewish Education:

Imparting Values
Creating Experiences
Cultivating Communities

Summer seminars are held in New York City and winter seminars are held in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Each seminar is conducted as a cohort experience that includes frontal, experiential, and peer-to-peer learning, as well as group reflection, mentorship opportunities and practical application workshops.

Additional one-on-one mentorship opportunities are provided to participants between seminars.

Participants are required to complete a Final Focal Project which will be developed under the guidance of an experienced and established professional working in a field most relevant to the nature of the participant’s project.

Program Dates:

  • June 24-30, 2012 - Seminar 1: Imparting Values (New York)
  • January 3-10, 2013 - Seminar 2: Creating Experiences (Los Angeles or San Francisco)
  • June 20-26, 2013 - Seminar 3: Cultivating Communities (New York)
  • June 27-July 3, 2013 - Seminar 4: Self Development (New York)
  • July 3, 2013 – Graduation

The deadline for applications is February 1, 2012.

Updated: Jan. 10, 2012