Recent Mergers of Bureaus of Jewish Education


Source: JESNA


JESNA's Learnings & Consultation Center released a new issue of Quick Bytes on Recent Mergers of Bureaus of Jewish Education. It describes and analyzes the processes and early results of recent mergers of central agencies for Jewish education with other community organizations.


Data Sources:

In conducting the research for this issue of Quick Bytes, JESNA adapted the case study rubric developed by JFNA for its July, 2011 publication, “Representative Practices: Mergers, Consolidations, Strategic Alliances and Efficiencies in the Federation Movement.” The report provides examples of mergers, consolidations and strategic alliances that occurred between Federations and agencies in eight different communities since 2003.


The information for this report comes primarily from in-depth phone interviews with central agency or federation professionals who played key roles in the merger processes and/or guided these new entities after the mergers. JESNA also reviewed written documentation provided by federation leadership to JFNA for the preparation of its report.


It is currently premature to present data about “key successes and accomplishments” since three of the four central agency mergers reported in this publication are only in their first or second year of existence.


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Updated: Jan. 10, 2012