New Group Moving Jewish Family Education to the Forefront

February 1, 2012

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


H. Glenn Rosenkrantz writes about an emerging trend in Jewish education, Jewish family education. This approach targets families as units to be educated as a whole, where parents, grandparents, siblings and children are being collectively engaged, and each is reinforcing lessons, knowledge and perspectives to create an organic whole. A new initiative, Shevet: Jewish Family Education Exchange, aims to put Jewish family education squarely on the communal agenda, and to equip educators with the strategies, tools and relationships to grow and succeed.


Shevet is using social media tools, including a virtual community of practice that already boasts nearly 100 active users, to keep Jewish family educators connected and enable them to share resources, best practices and tactics. Shevet conferences are being planned – both stand-alone and in conjunction with other Jewish organizational gatherings – and a national curriculum is also being designed.


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Updated: Feb. 12, 2012