Artscroll & RustyBrick To Create ArtScroll Schottenstein Talmud App

February 29, 2012

Source: RustyBrick


This week, Artscroll announced the "ArtScroll Digital Library". The RustyBrick software and web developers are responsible for designing and developing the application software for mobile devices including the Apple iPad & iPhone. First to be developed will be the ArtScroll Schottenstein Talmud App for iPad and iPhone, which will be completed by July 2012. Later apps for Android and Microsoft are planned. The price of the app has not yet been announced.

Some of the features to be offered by The Schottenstein Talmud mobile app:

  • Page Syncing
  • Place Tracking
  • Extra Hand
  • Page Fusion
  • Hybrid Page
  • Floating Translation
  • Quick Scroll
  • Integrated Notes
  • Page Mapping
  • Color Coding
  • Show It To Me
  • Find It For Me
  • Advanced Search
  • Daf Yomi Map
  • Daf Yomi Calendar
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Resizable Text
  • Notes
  • iPhone, iPad Support

The Artscroll Schottenstein Talmud is an English language translation of the Talmud from its original Babylonian Aramaic. In addition it makes Talmud study more accessible to the novice by including extensive notes on the text and suggestions on further research.


The digital app will further aid study by allowing the reader to synch between original sections of Talmud, the translation and the explanatory notes. Different segments of the text and translation can be presented in color coded form to differentiate between different parts of the Talmudic discourse to enable easier comprehension of the text. The text can be easily manipulated and sized for easy viewing and immediate view of the translation and notes can be seen for each Aramaic phrase.


Artscroll is planning to eventually prepare its entire library in mobile app format.


On the announcement page, a video illustrating the Digital Talmud app's capabilities can be viewed.

Updated: Mar. 06, 2012