Shabbat Resources for Children with Special Needs


Source: Gateways


Gateways has published a collection of user-friendly resources that will be helpful and effective when working with all types of learners. Resources are organized by thematic units, such as holidays, and by type, such as social stories. They have recently enriched their free Shabbat resources for kids, prepared by Gateways' experienced special education teachers.


Shabbat Blessings with Visual Supports:

Blessings with visual supports were created to help make Shabbat blessings simple, accessible, and understandable for students with a variety of disabilities. In these files, each Hebrew phrase is illustrated by a simple symbol. Students with disabilities can follow along with each blessing and learn to understand its meaning based on the associated picture symbols. Assemble these blessings into a Shabbat prayer book, or use them to create file folder activities.


Shabbat File Folder Activities

File folder activities can help children review ideas and familiarize them with Jewish objects. Since they are inexpensive and relatively easy to make, you can accumulate a large stack of file folder activities in no time! The visual nature of file folder activities takes advantage of the visual strengths of children with autism and many other developmental disabilities.


Books and Social Stories for Shabbat

Children with disabilities can feel anxious about unfamiliar situations and events. Books and social stories can set them up for success by showing children what to expect.


Gateways also offers online resources in the following areas:

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation
  • High Holiday Resources
  • Chanukah Resources
  • Purim Resources
Updated: Mar. 20, 2012