Teaching Bible on a Blog at Kfar Hayarok School


Source: Kfar Hayarok Bible Blog


Tzach Rolnik tells of his 7th & 8th grade Bible Studies year - end project at the Kfar Hayarok School. He asked each of his students to review all the material they had studied over the year and choose a topic that was meaningful to him. The students were then asked to create or choose some expressive creation, i.e. a drawing, piece of music or poetry, comics, etc. and analyze it in the light of the Biblical narrative and their own thoughts and feelings. The impressive results were uploaded as posts to a class blog for sharing with other students, teachers and parents in the school as well as with the general public.


The projects were organized in the blog chronologically according to the Books of the Bible, from the Story of Joseph from the end of Genesis till the stories of the Book of Judges. The projects may also be viewed by class or according to Books of the Bible by using the menu on the side of the blog.

Updated: Mar. 29, 2012