The MOFET JTEC Online Academy for Jewish Studies Opens Registration for the Upcoming Fall, 2012 Semester


Source: MOFET JTEC Online Academy for Jewish Studies


The MOFET Institute's Online Academy for Jewish Studies has opened registration for the Fall, 2012 semester of online courses. The courses, in areas that are suitable for educators and leaders in the Jewish world as well as students in universities and colleges in the fields of the didactics and pedagogy of teaching Jewish subjects in the Diaspora, are taught via the internet, a-synchronously with synchronous components. The course developers and lecturers are all experts in their fields and senior staff members of Israel's top institutes of higher education.


The next semester will begin on October 21, 2012, and will end on January 24, 2013.

The Academy offers certificate granting academic courses in seven subject areas:

  • Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language
  • Teaching the Holocaust
  • Teaching Jewish Peoplehood
  • Teaching Talmudic Literature and Oral Law
  • Teaching Jewish Supplementary School Education
  • Teaching Tanakh
  • Interdisciplinary Program

Each subject program consists of various online courses in specific areas. The above framework allows the completion of single courses and/or full programs, and grants certificates accordingly.

On the completion of a full program (8 courses: 6 mandatory and 2 enrichment courses) the student is entitled to a Specialization Certificate in the Didactics of Teaching in the Topic Studied recognized by The Israeli Ministry of Education.

Additionaly, MOFET offers two programs in the Online Academy for General Studies:

• Educational Use of Information & Communication Technologies

• Teaching English as a Foreign Language

This semester we will also offer online courses in Spanish :

• El Ciclo del Año Judío

• Israel en el Entorno del Medio Oriente Contemporaneo

• Curso de Planificación Curricular

The MOFET Institute offers introductory institutional scholarships to introduce the Online Academy to Jewish educational institutions.

For more information about programs, courses, costs and scholarships see the Online Academy website.

Updated: Jul. 04, 2012