A Manifesto for Jewish Education

October 28, 2012

Source: Davenspot


Davenspot posted on their blog a Manifesto for Jewish Education, written by Aryeh Ben David of Ayeka: Center for Soulful Education, which was posted on Lookjed and has been generating some constructive conversation. Ben David asserts that "our educational goal should be not only to preserve our voices of the past, but to enable and encourage our own authentic voices to be heard and to enable personal and spiritual growth."


Ben David writes:

"I recently visited four elite high schools in the US. Devoted teachers and talented students. I asked the students: “Where in high school do you have an opportunity to personally explore your own unique spiritual path? When do you have the opportunity to listen to your own voice?” The vast majority of them answered clearly and emphatically: “Nowhere. Zero opportunity. We always have to listen. No one is listening to us. No one gives us the opportunity to listen to ourselves. It’s as if they are afraid of it.”


Our past improvements in Jewish education were necessary to preserve Jewish continuity. Now, we must move ahead and make the improvements necessary to create a vibrant Jewish future.


If we want to become a Holy nation, a light unto other nations, then continuity is not enough. Information alone will not transform us into our better selves. To fulfill our destiny and centuries of dreams, we must find the resolve and courage to open the door to the next level of Jewish education…and then walk boldly in."


Read the entire post at Davenspot.

Updated: Nov. 06, 2012