Project-Based Learning and the Hebrew Curriculum

October 16, 2012

Source: Behrman House


As part of Behrman House's Project-Based Learning Essay Series, Terry Kaye outlines a number of ideas for learning projects that are valuable—and realistic—in a congregational school Hebrew program. It is important to have students identify projects that interest them.


Among the projects described:

  • More Hebrew Please!
    Goal: To add more Hebrew language to a prayer class.
  • Our Personal Prayer Book
    Goal: For students to create a siddur that is personally meaningful.
  • Hebrew at Hafsaka
    Goal: To introduce Hebrew during break time by means of original games.
  • Hebrew Online
    Goal: To expand Hebrew learning in the Online Learning Center (OLC) beyond the learning software.

Once you know the goal of the Hebrew project and students have decided on projects that interest them personally, proceed with the steps you will see outlined in this earlier PBL posting: The steps for values learning apply just as readily to Hebrew learning.


About Behrman House's Project-Based Learning Essay Series:

This fall Behrman House Editorial Staff members are writing about ways to introduce this dynamic approach to learning into your own school, and will provide an array of resources to get you started. Learn more and follow the PBL series here.

Updated: Nov. 06, 2012