Operation Pillar of Defense (Amud Anan) Resources

November 18, 2012

Source: Lookjed Archive


As the Pillar of Defense Operation goes on to stop the barrage of hundreds of deadly missiles covering Israel, Rabbi Shalom Berger of the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, posted a special edition of the Lookjed listserv digest with a good selection of educational resources to help stay abreast of what is going on in Israel, discuss it openly with your students and offer them tools to learn about the situation and act on their knowledge.


The listing includes:

Educational Resources – Lesson Plans & Guides

Making it Personal - personal perspectives to the situation in Israel

Staying Informed - primary sources of information & news

Jewish Resources - Prayer and primary Torah study resources

The Lookstein Center also published a listing of Pillar of Defense resources on their website.

David Bryfman of the Jewish Education Project posted an important article on his blog titled: The Only Conversation that Matters

He writes:

"There is however one conversation that must be have (sic) and from experience we all know is in most cases completely neglected.


This essential conversation doesn’t take place in a classroom, and nor does it involve any students/campers/youth movement participants. It is the conversation that you, the principal, education director, rabbi, executive director, camp director, president, chairperson, can and should be convening. It is the conversation that we most commonly avoid because we are sometimes under the misguided opinion that when it comes to education people’s personal opinions don’t actually matter.


The essential conversation only has 1-2 trigger questions.

  • What is your personal relationship to Israel?
  • How are you feeling about the current situation in Israel?"

See his entire post on David's blog.

Updated: Nov. 20, 2012