The Future of Teen Engagement: A Webinar Dialogue

November 29, 2012

Source: Facebook Event 


Please join the New Center for Collaborative Leadership of The Jewish Education Project to think together about the future of teen engagement with two of the newest leaders in our professional community, Rabbi Dave Levy, Director of Teen Learning for USCJ, and Rabbi Bradley Solmsen, Director of Teen Engagement for URJ on November 29, 2012 at 13:00 EST.


Dave and Bradley will share with us what they've discovered about the present state of youth engagement, and what the future holds, based on the research and conversations they have had in the field over the last number of months. They will also both offer their thoughts on what youth engagement professionals, educators, rabbis and lay leaders need to do now in order to ensure a dynamic teen program and continued teen engagement into the future. We'll look at what themes are emerging that will guide and shift our work, and the sociological changes that are changing the lives of our teens.


Join us with your questions, and help us together to envision a future for our young people that is vibrant, meaningful and powerful, meeting the needs of teens where they are and building a platform for our young people to continue to build our Jewish community.


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Updated: Nov. 27, 2012