Israeli Entrepreneurs Use Facebook to Teach Kids History

December 19, 2012

Source: No Camels


Longtime friends and education enthusiasts Michael Shurp and Roi (Ziko) Tzikorel’s new project, “Making History: Israel on the Timeline", is attempting to use Facebook as a tool to learn, history resource material on a platform friendly and attractive to youth. "Making History” is a series of Facebook pages in Hebrew that use the “timeline” format of Facebook to create online study guides that are free for all Israeli high school students, and focus on the subjects needed to pass the standardized matriculation exam in history.


Along with the help of friends, the duo was able to put together and upload the materials for the “Making History” pages in less than a week. The organization’s website has links to each Facebook page, which include a Second Temple page, a Jewish Communities in the Diaspora page, a Nationalism and Beginning of Zionism page, a World War II and the Holocaust page, and a Building the State of Israel page.


The pages are organized in chronological order from the bottom up. The posts contain the information required by Israel’s matriculation exam both in the standardized wording and also in simple wording. The timelines also include videos, pictures and additional links.


Shurp and Tzikorel say that they fact-check every piece of information with teachers and advisors before it is posted on the Facebook pages.


Their resource can also be used by teachers to organize class learning activities and motivate their students to study the material on a student - friendly social media platform.


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Updated: Dec. 31, 2012