My Jerusalem: A New Hebrew Website for Children Launched


Source: My Jerusalem 


This week the "Al Hagovah" kids web portal launched a new Hebrew minisite - "My Jerusalem"  which will help you learn about the different faces of Jerusalem, and to get to know all the new sites and activities in the city. Through games and activities you will discover the recreation sites spread all over the city, the unique parks established in it, the diverse possibilities to study and live in the city and more.


You can visit My Jerusalem right now to learn about the country's largest metropolitan park, you can ride your bike along winding paths, have a picnic under the trees or just breathe deeply the "mountain air as clear as wine". This is just one example of the many parks in Jerusalem, including Deer Valley, Railway Park, Monster Park, Valley of the Cross, and more.


The site is now being launched with initial activities, and in the near future many new interactive modules will be added such as fun games and interesting activities on diverse topics such as the Knights Festival, scientific developments and technological inventions and native Jerusalem foods. Come visit often to experience the new additions!


The "My Jerusalem" site was created by the Snunit Foundation, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Development Authority which initiates and runs many activities in Jerusalem.

Updated: May. 07, 2013