HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education - Bold Ideas

Summer, 2013

Source: HaYidion, Summer, 2013


This issue of HaYidion focuses on Bold Ideas. This issue of HaYidion is filled with bold ideas, with new possibilities, with hope and excitement about the future. Boldness is appropriate at this time; we live in an age that pushes against frontiers.


All of these developments will affect education, particularly Jewish education. Schools will have to radically alter their presentation and delivery methods, their curricula, their ways of interacting with students. The 21st century is just beginning but its limits are unknowable. For those of us defined as the People of the Book—at a time when books are as endangered as technologies that were once newer (newspapers, CDs, desktops, fax machines, landlines, etc.)—it is crucial that we reevaluate our positions. There is so much that is new under the sun and we need to find our place in that sun, preserving what is vital to our tradition but being mindful of all that is going on around us. We hope this “Bold Ideas” issue will serve as a springboard for you, to inspire you to boldness in your own thinking and ways of doing things. For even if everything that was, is and will be has always been, the bold among us can yet discover and uncover many wondrous secrets.


Among the articles in this issue are:

  • Innovation Mindsets for Successful Schools - Maya Bernstein
  • Child-Centered Jewish Exploration - Rebecca Milder
  • Hands-on, Inclusive Education: Building a New Future for Jewish Day Schools - Andrea Rose Cheatham Kasper
  • Beyond Denominations: Expanding Pluralism in Day Schools - Eliana Lipsky
  • Cosmopolitan Jewish Education for the Jews Next Dor - Benjamin M. Jacobs
  • Day School as Hub of Adult Jewish Education - Sara Heitler Bamberger
  • An Orthodox Track: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Community - Avi Weinstein
  • Day Schools, Disrupt! Why Day Schools Should Provide Supplemental Jewish Education  - Daniel Libenson and Ana Fuchs
  • A Community Day School for the Whole Community - Nicole Nash
  • Bursting the Jewish Bubble - Rebecca Voorwinde
  • Robotics: Empowering Jewish Creators - Judy Miller
  • Digital Badge Learning: “Geeking Out” Across the Curriculum - Sarah Blattner
  • Open-Source Jewish Learning - Brett Lockspeiser and Joshua Foer
  • Life Insurance: Potent Tool for Day School Finance - Daniel Perla
  • Everything Old is New Again: Using Genealogy in Jewish Day Schools - Jeffrey Schrager
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Bringing Jewish Studies to Life on the Screen - Yossi Kastan
Updated: Jun. 04, 2013